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Trinity Chapter

We are in the Trinity county area north west of Redding, California.

Do you really have faith? Do you really  believe God can save you? Well, read on. This one is good and I just had to tell  you. I also am a x marine, USMC. A Vietnam vet that 20 years later come down  with cancer related to agent orange from the jungles of Vietnam. One day in October 1989 down in Texas, deep south Texas, I noticed a small lump underneath  my arm getting bigger. Being stupid, a man thinking, "oh it is nothing", it will  go away. Nope. It didn't, it got bigger, another lump began on my neck. Wow, I  decided I better go to the Doctor. Well, I always went to the VA clinic and  trusted my VA care. The Doctor there told me I had to go to Audie Murphy  Hospital and have these lumps checked out. I agreed to do so. In November 1989 I  checked in the hospital. I was in a mess besides the lumps. My head was in a  mess. I was a sick dude. Well, my luck was running out and sure enough it did. They did some lab work on me, tested me and told me I have cancer and to boot,  big time. I needed surgery big time fast and treatment. They also told me if I  didn't go with it, I would die in 6 months. Wow, it really looked bad for me.  The bottom was really falling out. I thought and thought and one morning at Audie Murphy Hospital I was outside in front Garden smoking a cigarette. Something big time was fixing to happen to me and I didn't know it. I was a doom man, dying with nothing left. Something felt weird to me while I was in the garden. I began to feel something was there. I sit down on a bench and started  praying, something I wasn't good at. I knew something was up. I didn't know what  to say but just prayed away. I thought sure enough I was losing it. I felt God, I felt Angels around me. I began crying my heart out, losing it. Some veterans came to me and we all were praying. I ask God to forgive me of all my sins. I  knew I was going to die soon and I wanted to get things right with God. God forgave me big time. He talked to me. He told me he was going to heal me. I had  to trust him and believe in him. He told me not to worry and to trust him. Well, the time came for the Doctors to go for surgery on me. They took my spleen, some tumors inside my guts and cut me wide open, put a port valve in my chest that  tied into my juggler vein, gave me Chemo and told me to get things ready at home  for my death. They had done all they could. You know what? God saved me, he  proved them wrong. God did what he told me. I am not dying. I am now in  remission since 1996 by the wonderful grace of God. Jesus does save and he will  save you. Amen. I wanted to share that one with you.

Joe "Bigfoot"  Ballard