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The Mounds Chapter

We are 8 miles north of Cairo, Illinois

The Lord started with me at an early age but I didnt take heed to His calling! I was baptized at age 12 but nobody told me much about a personal relationship then just religion. I went to church all my childhood (different denominations) but my parents did not go, we would catch a ride from someone. Then I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 12 years old. I wander thru my teen years experimenting with drugs and alcohol, coming from a alcoholic family. Me and my wife married when I was 17 and she was 20. Had a lot of battles for years. We have a son(14) and a daughter(10). I started playing the clubs(guitar player} at 14 years old and continued doing that till 1990. Which was about 20 years worth! I was more addicted to the lifestyle than the booze and drugs.But the Lord had a different plan for my life! I started playing for Him not too long after I met Jesus personally!!!! I am 33 years old and living life to the fullest with the Lord! Since my life began with Jesus I have been blind for 8 months and been healed(thats when I was Pastor of a street ministry in Wynne, Arkansas. Had a church for the outcast of the more (RELIGOUS) churches for about 2 years. I have been diagnosed with kidney failure and was healed of both. Had an enlarged heart and havent been bothered with that either. I am currently been put on disability because of it but it dont bother me. The doctors have given one report but it seems that aint what Gods report is!
       I love the Lord and Love riding and Love being a part of His work! I feel it is a privilege to work for Him! Me and the wife have had major differences over the years but God kept us together even when it was near a divorce. I have seen the miraculas works of the Lord! My daughter was born premature with 4 pounds of fluid on her and a 50% chance of living and God healed here. The ultra sound kept showing only 3 heart chambers on different machines but when they shipped her to Memphis she had all four!!!!! But I had a lot of people and churches praying!
     These are just a few of the things God has done for and will do for anyone else.

   Bro in Christ  Joey