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  I was like a lot of guys when I got home from Vietnam. You know, angry, confused, and unprepared for adult life. Oh sure, I had been approached by the "Jesus Freaks" many times. But I thought they were crazy, deluded and living in a fantasy world. I, on the other hand, was sane and rational so I chose alcohol and marijuana to help me deal with living in the  world. I don't have many concrete memories of the seventies and some of the eighties.

By 1988 it was catching up with me and 1989 was a very bad year. My first wife and mother of my daughter got seriously ill and left me (my daughter left too). My father died, my business failed, and I lost the house. SOMEONE was trying to tell me something. It began to dawn on me that the way I was trying to deal with life was not working too good.

Fortunately I met Josephine, the lady who eventually became my second wife. she had only one "flaw". she was a born-again Christian. Well, she took me to church (remember Heidi's grandpa?) and eventually the message started to get through. Jesus loves me, Jesus saved me, and Jesus is there for me. I had always figured those things applied to everybody else. I didn't get saved until I realized they were meant for me too. I'm one of those guys who was saved despite himself. Anyway, I'm very glad it happened.

One other good thing happened in 1989 - I discovered motorcycles.  Two days after I bought my first bike, I was T-boned trying to get through a not-so-yellow-anymore light. I know the Lord kept me alive, even though the people at the hospital thought I was gonna die. Now I'm riding for Him.

We moved to Arizona in February, 1999 and found a great body of believers at Calvary Chapel and later at Praise Chapel. That's when I me Rusty. He's a good friend and a Christian motorcyclist. Together with the Lord,  we got the Cycle Disciples off the ground.

Life isn't perfect since I've been saved. But with God's help I'm sure able to deal with it better. And I have no desire for any mind-altering substances. I'm not perfect since I've been saved, but God forgives me my sins and the Holy Spirit is working within me. He's got a long way to go but we're gettin' there.

God Bless You.

What did I have to do to get this Divine help? All I had to do was ask. I said this prayer:


 Jesus, forgive me,

 I want you in my life,

 Guide me, direct me,

 I believe you are God,

 And you died for me

 On the cross

 Thank you Jesus.



If you're ready for Jesus to come into your life and save you, you can ask too.

Keep the shiny side up


You May Stay! Rick at the Wall Gideon

Rick's Grandson, Gideon!