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   My testimony could go on forever. I have been riding since I was about 8 years old. My first bike was an Indian trail 30 my dad bought for me (loved that bike wish I still had it). I'll always remember how mad mom was at my dad for buying me that bike. I have been riding since. I was born and raised in a Christian home even though I have spent most of my life in trouble. I got my self thrown in prison on Nov. 4 1993 and was sentenced to 7 years for forgery and fraudulent schemes. Just goes to show if you get to far away from the Lord he will come get you and give you no place to look but up. After about one year in prison I woke up one day and actually discovered I was there!!!! and began to think about why. I met good friend there his name is Bill Cockerham and he is really the one who showed me how to read my bible and understand it. ( God bless him wherever he may be). We lost touch when I got transferred from Florence to Fort Grant in 1995. It was just before then that I had started to get to know a wonderful lady via the phone and letters. After I was at Fort Grant for a while things started to go very good with this lady and she is now my wonderful wife Sheryl. I had always read about people in prison meeting someone and getting married and getting out when they were sentenced to life or years like I was thanks to the Lord. Never did quite believe it--- Until it happened to me. Like I said, I met my wonderful wife Sheryl and by Feb. 1996 I was out and had never even seen a parole board!!! After we got together we started to look for something we could do to give back to the Lord as he has given us so much. It was quite a few years since I got out and together we found Rick and Rusty and the Cycle Disciples web site. We, the Phoenix chapter will wear His Colors with pride.

Mike "Spike" Gaines