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A Short History of the Cycle Disciples
By Rick Patton

It all started back in 1993 when I began to ride on the third Saturday of every month with about six friends from Morningstar Christian Chapel in Whittier, CA. We rode pretty steady from 1993 to 1999 when I moved to Kingman AZ. We stayed pretty much in the SoCal area and went to the usual hangouts – Tom's Farms, The Rock Store, Cook's Corners, Chaparral, and most of the cycle dealerships in the area.

One year while on the Men's Retreat at Arrowhead I was in the bookstore and bought a black T-shirt with "Cycle Disciples" on the back of it. It turned out to be a great witnessing tool, and we had our church order some more and all the guys got them. By 1995 we were all wearing them on rides and one could say that the club started at that point. I wore out two of the shirts and when they wore out, I cut out the backs and sewed them onto the backs of two denim vests. This is what I was wearing when I moved to Kingman in 1999. Well, I soon met Rusty and he started wearing the other one. This is when the club really got off the ground.

Rusty, being the web genius that he is, created our web page and began redesigning the back of the T-shirt so it could be a patch. He did a great job, don't ya' think?

The Web Side…
By Rusty Morse

  We met soon after I moved back to Arizona from 17 years in the service.  We actually were hired on the same day for the College we work at. I wont get into details how I started Riding in his name. (Check out my Testimony for that.)

  But the web side, I do the coding and nice things, but Rick is the idea man. He'll come up with "You know what would be nice…."; and then I start coding!  We have been blessed with a very active site, and our Witnessing has carried even past our home country.  I thank every one of you that have e-mailed us and supported us.

  The site started crude, but has cleaned up nicely. Our Chapters that are now forming are also a blessing and all due to the web.  Good thing we can use it for the Lord and not just the more popular idea that it is all porn and "how-to-build a bomb" Websites.