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Ron and I see the focus of our chapter to be to meet other Christian bikers in order to grow together spiritually while having some fun and to hopefully be a witness to other bikers who need to find Jesus and their Lord and Savior.

Ron's testimony

I grew up on a farm in northwestern Minnesota with a Christian father and mother.  I had a bit of a rebellious streak as a child. I dropped out of high school and later went long-haul trucking for two years.  When I came back, I got into a  relationship that lead to a failed marriage. I turned more and more to alcohol which lead down a dark and winding road for 17 years. It was a life of loneliness, alcoholism, one-night stands and some violent ways.

I rode with a non-Christian motorcycle club for that period of time also.  Two years ago, after seeing how lost I really was, I realized I wanted what my dad had in life and his faith in Jesus.  I gave my heart to Jesus and turned my life around with the help of the pastor at my church and my father, who lived long enough to see me change my ways, and also marry the pastor on October 12, 2002.

My father died in January of 2003 and he left us a legacy of faith and blessing. Now we ride almost every weekend to enjoy what God has given us and to spread the Word of what a wonderful life you can have if you just give yourself to Jesus.

Betty's testimony:

I grew up in Canada in a very conservative Christian home with lots of rules and regulations. I rebelled against the rules because I wanted to have fun! As a result, I ended up in an abusive marriage which ended in divorce.  As a single woman, I found my way back to my family and their faith only this time it was different. I went to a Christian University, where I found the strength to stand on my feet again.  Then I ended up going to a Seminary just south of Winnipeg.

As the Lord would have it, I became a pastor of a small rural church in northwestern Minnesota where there happened to be a biker guy who started coming there about a year after I began my ministry.  It was easy to tell that he wanted to change his life and become a man of God. One day he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his motorcycle.  I had never riden one before, but as soon as I got on and we started out, I felt like I was "home."  Finally!  A man who has a passion for Jesus AND likes to have fun! I had been single for 12 years and was trusting God for the very best. I think Ron's verse must be, "He who has been forgiven much, loves much."  Now I ride free from all those rules of my childhood.

This club is SO right - God has ten commandments - it is presumptuous of us to add more.  I love living free in the grace of Jesus and long for others to know the joy of a spirit set free to serve Him!

Ron and Betty