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Lost Chapter

Testimony of John Denton; AKA, JD, unmember of the lost chapter of Cycle Disciples, Whittier Ca. To tell the truth were not lost were saved by the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a chapter we are lost because we don't even know we're a club chapter.

As many of you I have ridden off and on for years, being raised in the church all my life I came to know the Lord as my personal savior very young. I can remember one Sunday night coming home from church and seeing half a dozen bikers pulled over by the police. Their bikes were sooo cool! And so started an affair with motorcycles. Unfortunately my love for God suffered as I got into my teen years. Going to church I not only learned about God, but girls, drugs, and the likes. By 20 was married with a baby, bought and sold drugs and wasn't going to church. Worked a job that paid well, working long hours and with some outlaw biker types. Drinking and drugs were just a way of life. But somehow God watched over me and keep me out of anything real bad. At 27 or so two kids and divorced, God was still waiting for me, and when he called, At the end of my rope I answered back yes Lord? And have been serving God ever since. He's given me much more than I could have ever dreamed. A beautiful wife, and three more kids. At that time in my life I was riding a 71 sporty, My new wife didn't like it, and being a part of my past we parted ways (the sporty). God blessed this by giving me dirt bikes where I stared to ride with a club called RACERS UNDER THE SON. After four or five years of riding and racing, it became a problem in my marriage. Knowing that this was not the will of God I sold off the dirt bikes. My wife knowing my love for the iron horse found a way to get me up and riding again. Now some years later I ride an 87 FXST and she's learning to ride a 97 sporty. God has used this submission to his glory. We oversee a couple's fellowship out of our home, I am teaching at the L.B. Mission on the fifth Wednesday's and at a boys ranch now and then. My wife and kids love going on rides and runs. And God is blessing our gifts of service by letting us see people get saved and marriages being healed, also using us to set the example to others on what a Christian is.

As for the lost chapter of Cycle Disciples, if you've looked at the web site, the story of the lost chapter is there somewhere. The Saturday rides I've never been able to make but have heard many good things about is still going on every third Saturday of the month, meeting at North's' burger stand on Whittier Blvd. I know and have ridden with most of these guys but somehow we've never got it together as a club of any kind. After spending the weekend with Rick and his wife (Laughlin run weekend) I ordered the first lost chapter patches and away we go. We only run a small patch, (until the time comes that we organize completely) as we are unmember of a lost chapter with only King Jesus as our leader.

The Saturday Rides are the third Saturday of the month (destination plans made the day of ride) by the people who show up. I keep a mailing list (E-MAIL) of biker4jc to send out information for other rides and events that some of us go to.  I can be found at biker4JC@aol.com

See you all in the wind of God, JD