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My name is Steve, I live in the Detroit area ( about 30 miles north ). I grew up in a christian household. my family was was very active in our church ( my dad even drove the Sunday school bus! ). however we moved further north in 1978 when I was twelve. Our   church was about fifteen miles away. Our activeness stopped, and our trips to church became fewer and fewer. Needless to say, by my high school years, it had been along time since I had seen the inside of a church or read a bible. The most important thing to me at that time was, who my friends and I could get to " buy " for us so we could go out in the gravel pits with our dirt bikes and four wheelers and get 'stoned".  My attitude was no better through my twenties, while most of my friends grew up and were starting family's, I was still at it. In the mean time, my folks had moved back to the "burbs", had found a church they liked and had actively turned their lives back over to god. They were watching my lifestyle, and were trying hard to get me to go to church with them ( especially ol' mom, you know how mothers are ) But, I wasn't having any of it. Until one day, almost like it was over night, I looked around and their I was, stewing in the kettle of misery I  had cooked up for myself.   I was twenty nine, living in a broken down mobile home, in debt, my job was hanging by a thread, I didn't have two nickels to rub together, AND I was in and out of court for drunk driving and carrying a concealed weapon................I decided to make that trip to church.    Not to long afterward, I decided to turn my life over to Jesus. While I still had all the same problems I had before, for the first time in years, I felt at peace. I put it in his hands, that his will be done. Before I knew it I was living in a nicer home, was debt free and my legal troubles were a memory. I even had enough money saved to buy the "Harley" I always wanted. However my story doesn't end there.   Shortly before I bought my bike, our pastor retired, and I was not very impressed with his replacement, I was spending more time looking at my watch than listening to the sermon. Once again, I found my trips to church fewer and fewer. I was spending more time with my riding buddies from the local HOG chapter, handgun' out drinking beer etc. .......I WAS HEADED RIGHT BACK TO THE PIT OF DESPAIR THAT GOD HAD PULLED ME OUT OF! Fortunately, god wasn't done with me just yet. A coworker of the girl I was dating, got her to start going to church, she in turn got me to start going. She has since, turned her life over to the lord, and I have renewed my faith ( she is now also my fiancee ). we have found a small church in our area and are looking forward to participating in its growth I have cut ties with pretty much all my old HOG crew, but I have also enjoyed some good fellowship from run in's with CMA'ers, and some independent Christian riders, there are even some at our church. Which, after my long winded story brings me to this, I am very interested in starting a chapter in the Detroit area. while the only members I can offer right now are my fiancee and myself, the lord gave me a passion to ride, and I would like to share that passion with fellow Christian riders, and use it to spread the TRUTH.

Thank You Steve Jones