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Hi!  My name is David "Law Man" Garrett.  Don't let the nickname fool you; I don't carry a badge and gun.  I work as a legal assistant and private investigator for a criminal defense firm.  I am also firmly rooted in the "law of grace."  Hence the nickname.

I was brought up in church and saved at the age on nine, but like many others I drifted away in my teen years.  I always had a desire to ride a motorcycle or scooter (loved the old Cushman Eagle), so when I met a young outlaw biker who'd moved down from Indiana I decided that was the life for me.  He started a "chapter" of his club in my area and before long I had purchase my first hog.  It was 1962 Harley Servicar Police trike that I quick began chopping.  By my mid_twenties, I realized I was on the road to trouble and rededicated my life to the Lord, leaving behind the bikes, booze, and drugs.  I have had some definite ups and downs since then, but by the grace of God, I was never down too long.

Although I left the wild lifestyle behind, I never lost my appreciation of nice choppers, and often thought it would be nice to have another one. I bought a '71 Triumph Tiger in the mid 80's that I rode for a while, but after it broke, I got rid of it.  I considered building a VW trike now and then, but never got around to it.

I met my wife Jan in February of 1988, and we married on Memorial day of the same year.  We've been together ever since.  One Sunday in 1995, while watching preacher Kenneth Copeland on TV, I mentioned that I'd really like to get another bike and go to his Eagle Mountain Motorcycle Rally. To my surprise, she said "Let's do it." We bought a 1977 Sportster, and after the rally, I rode it about a year before some back trouble and tech problems convinced me to sell it.  We had both joined CMA and thought about getting involved in a bike ministry, but when the bike went, so did the vision.

Last October, I started getting the bug for a bike again. Jan was skeptical, but my back was much better, and we figured it would be somewhere way down the road when God doubled my income!  We attended to a bike show in Fort Worth in December, and we both got really excited.  After much prayer, I decided we could afford a bike, and in April 2001, we purchased our new V_Star 1100 Custom.  I told the Lord from the start that I just wanted a bike for the fun of it, but it would be nice if it expanded my opportunity to witness.  The more I thought about it, the more the desire to use my bike for His glory burned within me.   I know finding the Cycle Disciples website was no accident.   Jan and I look forward to flying His colors with pride and sharing His love with others on the road.

Law Man