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 The River Cities Chapter

We are in Ceredo, WV,  just on the outskirts of Huntington and Charleston  WV area.

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Well first I come from a Christian family. My father was a Baptist minister but I never received the lord when he was alive.  I lost my father in 1979 and said I would never re-enter a church due to the discomfort. My marriage broke up also just shortly after my fathers death and I was a loner for many year's.

I spent my time as a workaholic and in and out of the bars when not at work.I met up with several people and moved in with a lady.  We had a terrible relationship but I stayed anyway for many years.  We finally parted.  In1995 I had a heart attack which retired me from work, and almost 6 years ago I met my current wife. She was a born again Christian and attended the Church of God on a regular basis. We did fine but I never attended churchwith her.

In 1997 after asking me to attend many times, one Sunday evening we were out driving, when for no reason I could explain at that time, I felt like I needed to be in church, so we went. I enjoyed the service so started going back every chance I had. We have a great preacher and I learned so much more than ever before I think at this point because of my open mind but I still wanted more.

Late 1997, I gave myself to the lord and began living in the ways he has set forth for his people.  I am not perfect but I strive for my faith and ask forgiveness when needed. Since my saving I was baptized and have gained the holy spirit.  I now sing in the choir of our church " Jefferson Avenue Church of God " which is about 70 members strong. I have served as an usher for the church as well.

Myself and wife do better now than ever before.  We ride motorcycles throughout the year when ever possible.  We ride a Kawasaki Vulcan 88 1500 and love it. We ride with a group of friends some Christians and some not but that is ok as well. We pray for everyone before each ride and minister through word, song and teachings to all that need or come forth for assistance. We love and worship the lord every day and thank him alone for our blessings and all we have.

Jess Kelley